Downsizing or upsizing?

When building tiny, downsizing is a key element of making things work. Planning requires many compromises and even omitting features of a typical house are necessary. It’s like trying to pack two sleeping bags in a bag that is already too small for one sleeping bag to begin with.

For most of us downsizing doesn’t have a positive ring to it. It’s typically related to a loss of something precious. As a result, there are many articles, blogs, books, TV series out there dealing with downsizing.

But no matter how you tackle downsizing, something didn’t feel right for us with downsizing first. Isn’t tiny living about letting your mind wander and let it think about endless new ideas? Why block those ideas with this downsizing obstacle at the very beginning? We felt we needed a radical change in our philosophy on tiny living.

So we took a different approach: Our tiny living philosophy will be a journey of upsizing from a tent! A tent is probably the most mobile and simple form of having a roof over your head. Any additional items you take along, like a propane stove or a portable pick-nick table, feel like a luxury.

With other words we wanted to keep an open mind and start from scratch. No comparisons. No prerequisites. No preconceptions. Just start with four walls and a roof and then add our own ideas.

The result is a Tiny House Container with lots of amazing features inside a 20ft shipping container. To top it off a Tiny House Container is completely modular, mobile, and indestructible.

Find out more by reading our other blogs, visiting our website and coming to our open house events.

Thank you for reading our blog. We love to hear from you! Comment or contact us with your thoughts and ideas.

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