Why use a 20ft shipping container as a tiny house?

Sand colored one-trip 20ft shipping container

While searching for a compact solution to build an off-grid tiny house we quickly settled on a 20ft shipping container. A 20ft shipping container is the only super-strong structure offering essentially unlimited mobility. Exactly what we were looking for.

Shipping containers are specifically designed to with-stand decades of relentless travel by land and sea. They are waterproof and as such torrential rainstorms and hurricane strong winds* won’t impress a shipping container during its journey. What that means is you can leave a shipping container out in the elements for months, actually even years, with no structural degradation.

Shipping containers are graded in several categories according to the condition they are in. As mentioned above, rain and wind won’t harm a shipping container, but during a shipping container’s many journeys it will often get bumped into, dented, punctured, dropped and twisted. That is why older shipping container can be obtained for several hundred dollars or less. But would you refurbish the interior of an old car that has a rusted and cracked frame? We certainly wouldn’t so we use one-trip shipping containers for our turn-key projects.

One-trip shipping container are superior in quality and are the highest grade category, meaning it is in like-new condition. Of note, there are no brand-new shipping containers in the USA as all of them have had at least one-trip from overseas. One-trip shipping container are sold at market price which typically ranges between US$3,000 and US$6,000.

Number 4 being loaded onto the Tiny House Container trailer. Our method to load a container on and off a trailer is simple but certainly not as fast as a fork lift!

20ft shipping containers are easy to transport and setup. For a Tiny House Container owner that means significantly lower transportation cost. We will dig deeper into transportation and setup in separate blogs.

For all of the above reasons Tiny House Container uses one-trip shipping containers for turn-key models. We hand-select our 20ft shipping containers and pick them up ourselves.

Thank you for reading our blog. We love to hear from you! Comment or contact us with your thoughts and ideas.

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