Does the color of a tiny house shipping container matter?

Yes, it does!

A major part of our tiny living philosophy is sustainability. A big portion of that sustainability is energy management. Did you know that a light sand-color reflects 66% more sunlight than a dark blue, green or red color?

The day to day effect of a light sand-color shipping container is that it won’t need to be cooled with an air conditioner for most days of the year. If you do decide to use an air conditioner then you can run the air conditioner for much shorter periods of time and at the same time run it a lower power setting. The energy savings are incredible and are especially beneficial in an off-grid setup in which an air conditioner is not feasible unless you were to install an additional battery bank for several thousands of dollars.

A sand-color shipping container being converted into a Tiny House Container. The blue shipping container is our supply container.

So how can you add more color to the outside? A Tiny House Container comes with a set of either blue, green or Bordeaux red shutter panels giving you a colorful choice for some accents.

Tiny House Container with a blue set of shutters panels

If you want to go further and add even more personal touches just attach additional colored accent panels to the outside. For example, you can cut an OSB board to your desired dimensions, add some shiplap to the board and then magnetically attach it to the Tiny House Container.

Decorative Panel. The possibilities are endless.

Do the shutter panels and OSB panels heat up from the sun? Yes, however the shutter panels and OSB board panels “float” on the outside of the container which means there is an air gap between the wall of the shipping container and the panels. As a result the absorbed heat from the panels will be cooled by airflow and the heat will not transfer to the shipping container.

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