What is the best setup for a tiny house shipping container: On a trailer or on a foundation?

Whether a shipping container is used on a trailer or setup on a foundation makes no difference. A major advantage of a shipping container is that you can quickly adapt to a new situation by taking it off a trailer or putting it back on a trailer.

You might have found the perfect location for your tiny house and all you need to do is put your tiny house on a foundation. But what if life changes and you want to move to another location, maybe a few states over? And what if that state’s requirements are that a tiny house needs to be on wheels? Will you sell your tiny house you have on a foundation and start over again? With a Tiny House Container the transition is simple. Just put it on a trailer. There are no modifications necessary. All hook ups, like electric inlet, water pipes, gas line, are on the side of the Tiny House Container. A trailer or permanent foundation does not restrict access to any of the hook ups.

In a conventional THOW (tiny house on wheels) the trailer is part of its structure. With a Tiny House Container the trailer is an addition to the shipping containers structure. Purchasing a trailer for a Tiny House Container is not necessary unless you already know you are going to keep it on a trailer or planning to move your Tiny House Container regularly. You can always add a trailer later. Buying now or later, either way, include a trailer purchase in your budget.

Our Tiny Living Philosophy at Tiny House Container is that you always have to be prepared for changes in your life. As a result, if you need to then we are more than happy to assist you with purchasing a trailer whether you purchase a trailer through Tiny House Container or not. Of note: All Tiny House Container trailers are sold at cost.

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