An over-sized bathroom with outdoor access

From an outhouse to a gold-plated bathroom the place to “do your business” is probably the most diverse and controversial room at the same time.


When I step into an unfamiliar bathroom the first thing that goes through my mind is “is the bathroom clean”. If the bathroom passes that test my next thought is “how awkward and embarrassing is it do to business in here”. If you travel a lot “bathrooms are like a box of chocolate. You never know what you’re gonna get” (modified quote out of Forrest Gump). I am sure you have been there too.

When traveling bathrooms are definitely a compromise one has to accept for the greater good of seeking adventure. But at home I want a bathroom I am totally comfortable in. In addition, I also want a decent bathroom if I am away from home staying in one place for several days.

As a result our Tiny House Philosophy is that anyone using the Tiny House Container bathroom, like an owner, a family member, a best friend, a day visitor, or an airbnb guest should feel comfortable in the bathroom.

We created a Tiny House Container bathroom which distinguishes itself by three key features:

  1. The bathroom is over-sized
  2. The bathroom contains a modern stylish flushing toilet
  3. The bathroom grants direct outdoor access

1. Over-sized bathroom

Spending time in a bathroom is like being in an exercise room, one sits down, stands up, steps up into the shower, turns around, twists, stretches the arms. And that all before the day has even started! It’s great to have the space for all that. That is why we over-sized the bathroom.

In a regular house the minimum square footage of a full bathroom (sink, toilet and shower/tub) is 36 square feet. A Tiny House Container bathroom is 48 square feet. Bigger than most bathrooms in a house!

Bathroom includes over-sized glass corner shower.

2. Modern stylish flushing toilet

Of course, the most common type of toilet in our hemisphere is a flushing toilet. If you put yourself in the shoes of a visitor coming to your tiny house then you might notice that they are already over-whelmed with the difference between a regular house and a tiny house. A visitor might express joy and happiness while being somewhat intimidated and feeling like an intruder at the same time. A visitor typically looks for some similarities like “oh, I have similar countertop at home” to brush aside all the unfamiliar components of a tiny house. When the time comes, and a visitor needs to use the bathroom a regular flushing toilet will definitely ease the visitors tension instead of adding even more unfamiliarity. How do we know? During our open house events visitors can use the Tiny House Container bathrooms. Visitors express surprise how easy it was to use the toilet and often comment “better than at home”.

Easy to clean bathroom floor.

3. Direct outdoor access from the bathroom

In most tiny houses the bathrooms are an after-thought. Something that takes away space. A requirement that needs to be dealt with. Best hidden somewhere nobody can see it.

Tiny House Container went the opposite direction. We over-sized the bathroom and even added direct access to the outside through a regular door. Direct access to the outside from the bathroom is crucial if you are planning to spend a lot of time outside. Do you quickly want to wash your hands? Need to take a shower after gardening? Brush your teeth after having lunch outside? You probably won’t want to walk through the entire tiny house several times a day to access the bathroom.

Bathroom has its own outside door.

Just enter the bathroom through the outside door. The over-sized bathroom and the wall-hung toilet make the bathroom floor easy to clean when you are closing up the Tiny House Container in the evening. As simple as that.

Bathroom door leading into nature.

A bathroom is an integral part of life. It shouldn’t be an after-thought especially not in a tiny house.

View out of the bathroom door.

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