How modular is a Tiny House Container?

A Tiny House Container is packed with many incredible modular features. From changing the location of an electric outlet to adding an extra window, making a modification is simple in a Tiny House Container.

We call the modular-challenge the Salt & Pepper paradox. No matter how big your kitchen is and how well your kitchen is designed, don’t the Salt & Pepper shakers always end up on the counter-top? Because, what is more annoying than Salt & Pepper shakers you can’t reach while you are cooking? We bet there are a bunch more cooking devices that would have some space in some cabinet but they find themselves parked on your counter-top.

It’s pretty simple, when you start using a new kitchen lay-out, you start developing a routine, and when the items that you use most are not within reach, then the easiest way to deal with that crisis is to put them on the counter-top instead of changing your routine.

The same Salt & Pepper paradox applies around the home, especially for towels, toothbrushes and shoe storage.

I have a friend who bought a brand new luxury car and the first thing he commented to me that he couldn’t understand why the car manufacturer had put a certain switch at such an odd location. He just had to live with it. In a Tiny House Container many things can be modified, upgraded, changed and expanded. After the purchase.

Take the electrical outlets for example. Electrical cables and extension cords will make a small space look messy quick. In a Tiny House Container you can move the electrical outlets after the purchase. You will need some basic remodeling experience however the modification itself is simple. In most instances you won’t need an electrician as the Tiny House Container is already wired accordingly.

Add the fact that you are moving into a small space, you can imagine that the best design, the most cabinets, won’t alleviate the issue that you have to build up a how-to-get-around-the-home routine from scratch. That takes time. Then modify. We are happy to assist.

Another huge benefit of a modular built Tiny House Container is its ability to adapt to new decor trends. When you are ready to remodel in a few years, like putting a new flooring in, or adding a ship-lap accent wall, it will be easier and more affordable. And you definitely don’t have to sell your tiny house and start from scratch for following the latest trends.

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