Doors, Doors and more Doors

A Tiny House Container has lots of them!

It’s all about the doors.

Okay, let’s count the doors first.

At one end of the container are the container doors, we call them the Big Doors. The Big Doors are almost 8 x 8 feet. They are as wide and high as the container so if you can’t get it (whatever it is) through those doors, then well, it is doesn’t fit inside a shipping container. It’s that simple.

Runner up in size is the French Door. The French Door consists of two out-swing doors. The French Door has glass doors allowing for great views from the kitchenette.

The prize for the most convenient door goes to: the Bathroom Door. The Bathroom Door is located at the very end of the container. It is also an out-swing door and it allows direct access to of course the bathroom. Very convenient.

Not all doors are equal. Most tiny houses and small dwellings have one regular in-swing door which means when you open the door the door itself swings inside. An in-swing door in a small space is not very practical. For example, if it is a nice day and you want to leave the door open then the door most likely blocks access to something important inside. Worst case scenario, you will have to move the door every time you go in and out of the building because the door blocks the hall way. Our Tiny House Philosophy is that opening a door shouldn’t be a compromise in a small space therefore all Tiny House Containers have out-swing doors.

How did a Tiny House Container end up with two huge doors and one regular door when most other structures just have one regular door?

We noticed that other builders block and disable the Big Doors. That made no sense to us because why block an essential part of a container? Imagine the view you could have out of the container? Looking out through the Big Doors is better than IMAX and as a result we designed the interior space with operable Big Doors. No compromise here either, the Big Doors are as well insulated as the interior walls.

We are especially happy with the French Door. Our Tiny House Philosophy is to make you feel like you are connected to the outdoors while you are still inside. Windows make you feel like you are inside, so instead of a window and a regular door we added a big French Door. Open the French Door and it will feel like the outdoors is part of your living space.

Having all those doors to your disposal will literally open the doors for a new lifestyle. More connected. More natural. More experimental. Try it out!

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