Pre-Order Agreement and Payment

  • Nature of Agreement: Non-Binding Pre-Order Payment

This pre-order agreement initiates the pre-order process and initiates the research for zoning requirements, if requested. In addition, this agreement secures a priority position upon the date and time we receive your pre-order payment. Please read this agreement carefully. A pre-order payment button is located at the bottom of this page.

This agreement does not constitute an agreement for the purchase of a Tiny House Container.

  • Pre-Order Process

The pre-order process is the time between the completion of this pre-order agreement and the completion of the purchase-order agreement. The pre-order process determines the approximate cost of the Tiny House Container, with and without options, any additional costs associated with modifications, and the setup of the Tiny House Container, like utility hook ups.

  • Zoning requirements

As part of this pre-order agreement, we will assist you with your research of the appropriate zoning requirements. It is understood, that you are solely responsible for zoning requirements. It is also understood, that a Tiny House Container does not conform to any zoning requirements, unless those requirements have been specifically listed in writing as part of a purchase-order agreement. Any modification to a Tiny House Container as a result of zoning requirements may increase the cost of the purchase.

If zoning research is requested, then there may be additional non-refundable costs to research zoning requirements during the pre-order process. We use multiple sources to research zoning requirements and as a result the cost of the research may vary. Any estimated costs associated with zoning requirements will be communicated beforehand. You will need to approve those costs before we proceed.

  • Priority Position

Upon completion of this pre-order agreement, a priority position is given to you based on the order the pre-order payment has been received. A priority position establishes the approximate build and delivery date of a Tiny House Container.

  • Purchase-Order Agreement

The purchase-order agreement follows this pre-order agreement. The purchase-order agreement is binding, and a substantial non-refundable down payment is required. The purchase-order agreement includes a purchase price and a specific delivery date.

  • Pre-Order Payment

The pre-order payment is $100.00. The pre-order payment is refundable should you decide to cancel your pre-order at any time. We may cancel your pre-order as we deem appropriate in our sole discretion.

Pre-Order Payment

You are making a pre-order payment to Happy Watt LLC, dba Tiny House Container. This pre-order payment is refundable should you decide to cancel your pre-order at any time. By sending this pre-order payment you agree to the terms of this pre-order agreement as described above. We will email you a copy of the pre-order agreement.


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