Create your own lifestyle with your modular 20ft shipping container house.

Modular. Mobile. Off-grid. Indestructible.

Room for two. Kitchenette with double sink and gas range with four burners and an oven.

Over-sized bathroom with a modern flushing toilet and direct access to outside.

Open the doors. Add nature to your life. Reconnect to outdoors.

Button up and close the doors when you need to.

“I like everything, and most especially the kitchen setup and that bathroom is killer.” – Montie G.

“This is a shipping container?” – numerous attendants at the 2019 Mid Atlantic Tiny House Expo

“Wow you guys are doing some interesting stuff, I’ve always loved the shipping container houses!” – Peter C.

“I love your concept.” – Jim S.

” Now this is the most creative project ever, spot on!” – Deyvid B.

” I like the bathroom and the fact there is a door off the end of it.” – Sheryl KM.

“This is an incredible experience. You sold me on “Tiny Homes” – Moyo W.

“NICE. I like the super clean European lines and choice of design.” – Steve B.

“Even better than the pictures!” – Kendall A.

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