Tiny House Container is specialized in 20ft shipping container conversions.

We just love working on 20ft shipping containers. We convert them to workshops, pop-up shops and living spaces. Need more space? We design and build multi-units too.

In addition to sales, we offer the following services:

1. Consulting

From the Lower 48 to Alaska, Hawaii, Aruba, New Zealand, Switzerland and Zimbabwe, we have had the pleasure to consult on pop-up shops to small schools. Consulting starts at $70.00 per hour.

2. Workshops

Living in a 20ft shipping container is incredible and unconventional at the same time. We know, we live in them ourselves! We highly recommend to take our 101 Workshop before you make your dream of living in a shipping container a reality.

Workshops take place at our base in Ridgely MD. An overnight stay in a Tiny House Container is included in the workshops!

101 Introduction to Container Living
This 3-hour workshop is packed with invaluable information and hands-on experience! The focus of this workshop is on how to operate a container house. 1. Container Principals 2. Biggest Container Myths 3. Heating and Cooling 4. Basic Setup 5. Opening the Big Container Doors 6. Off-grid Setup 7. Transportation. At the end of this workshop you will have a thorough understanding of container living.
$159 for two persons. Includes one overnight stay in a Tiny House Container.

“Thank you so much for the 101 Introduction today!! We thoroughly enjoyed it and your insight and advice was outstanding. You should do a series of videos on YouTube!” Duane M. 

201 DIY Workshop
We convert containers to living spaces completely different then anyone else in the industry. You will receive behind the scene hands-on experience in this 2-day workshop. It is packed with invaluable information that will allow you to build your own modular conversion. 1. Making openings 2. Framing Doors and Windows 3. Framing Interior Walls and Ceiling 4. Insulation 5. Electrical System 6. Plumbing 7. Adding Roof Frames 8. Lifting Container on and off a trailer.
$599 for two persons. Includes a 6-months consulting service and one overnight stay in a Tiny House Container.

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