Saturday, May 16, 2020
11am – 2pm
(rain or shine)

Woodside Farm
Ridgely MD 21660
(about 1 hour 30 minutes East of DC, just off Route 404)
We are opening the BIG doors of the Tiny House Containers!!!

It’s free. No reservations required. Everyone is welcome. Thank you for your support.

Please visit our Facebook page for the latest news and updates on the Fall Open House:

Get a look inside a Display Model and the Concept Container.

Bed, Kitchenette and Bathroom, yes, it all fits in a 20ft shipping container!
A Tiny House Container offers the most usable width inside. Fully functional, modular, and even off-grid.

Our “Weekender” Concept Model with a wood stove at the base.

Do you have questions regarding electricity, insulation, off-grid, septic, A/C, transportation and pricing?

We are more than happy to answer them and demonstrate the container’s capabilities.

See below for directions.

Driving North on Central Ave – Tan shed on your left.

Directions – Driving North on Central Ave
After the curve you will see a tan shed on your left. Drive pass it and the small lighthouse and you will see Deer Field Lane on your left between the pine trees and the telephone pole, just before the “Curvy Road 30” road sign and the mailboxes.

Follow the gravel road passed the horse ranch (on your left) and the greenhouse (on your right) and you will see the Tiny House Container base in a distance on your right.

Driving South on Central Ave

Directions – Driving South on Central Ave
You will see some mailboxes on your left and on your right a driveway followed by a telephone pole. Deer Field Lane is on the right between the telephone pole and the “Left Curve 30” road sign.

Follow the gravel road passed the horse ranch (on your left) and the greenhouse (on your right) and you will see the Tiny House Containers in a distance on your right.

We are located on a farm in the middle of nowhere! 

Some precautions as this is a farm and a working base:

  • We love dogs, but keep the dog on a leash or you might never see your dog again: There are big hungry hawks. And lots of deer, bunnies and groundhogs to chase.
  • The event is kid friendly, but keep an eye on them.
  • No flip flops and other open shoes. Muddy boots are fine.
  • Bring sunscreen and bug spray (we have some too)
  • Speed limit is 10 mph on Deer Field Lane.
  • If you are allergic to wasp and bee stings, let us know in advance.
  • If you need special assistance, let us know in advance.
  • We have two Tiny House Container Bathrooms available for the occasion.
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