Key Features

1. Structurally capable to withstand hurricanes and other natural disasters

The core of each Tiny House Container is a 20 feet long shipping container. The container is 8 feet wide resulting in a total of 160 square feet per unit. A shipping container is extremely strong: Its four bottom corners can carry 420,000 pounds. That is more weight than two Boeing 737s together. One Tiny House Container has gone through a direct hit by a hurricane and two tropical storms without damage.

2. Easy to transport

Use on and off a trailer. Less than 10,000 lbs. Can be towed with a UHaul truck. All outside accessories can be removed and stowed for transportation. Our Tiny House Containers have visited the following states: Georgia, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, North Carolina, Delaware, Virginia and of course Maryland.

3. Off-grid capable

Plug and play for Solar System, Water System and Waste Tank.

Our Tiny House Container workshop and our battery powered tools are solar powered.

4. Kitchenette with four burners, oven, double sink, microwave and mini-fridge/freezer

Kitchenette can be removed temporarily to convert the space into a Guestroom if needed.

5. Over-sized bathroom with a modern flushing toilet and direct access to outside

It’s okay. Bring your muddy boots inside. Easy and fast to clean.

6. Open-space interior

Keep the Tiny House Container nice and cool with a breeze coming through doors at opposite ends and through French Door and Sliding Window at the middle.

7. Easy behind the wall maintenance access

There are no secrets inside these walls.

8. Open-space interior

Yes, there is so much open space inside, we count it twice!

Setup and decorate as you wish.

9. Completely Modular

Do you want to move the electrical outlets to another location? No problem. Do you need to replace the wood stove with a portable air conditioner for the summer? No problem.

10. Refreshing laminate wood flooring

Durable commercial grade laminate wood flooring. Easy to clean and nearly impossible to scratch.

11. Expandable Porch

What about a porch all around the Tiny House Container? No problem. Porch consists of multiple sections which can be removed and stowed inside during transportation.

12. Functional Container Doors

Container doors are fully insulated and still open up. A mosquito curtain can be installed easily.

More projects, accessories and gadgets to come ….

Naturally, we spend endless hours building and improving. We would like to thank the following people and local business’ for their support:

  • Mom and my Girlfriend for letting us loose
  • Our neighbors for keeping an eye on the premises
  • Woodside Farms for providing an awesome location for our base.
  • Nancy R. Thomas for displaying some incredible art work during our open houses.
  • “Duke” our neighbor’s dog for keeping the rooster at bay
located in Collegeville PA, for providing supplies
located in Limerick PA, for providing services related to container purchases
for offering great rates on rental vans and hybrids.
in Pottstown PA, for providing supplies
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