• We offer three models:  The Weekender, Guestroom, Pop-Up Shop.
  • The lay-out of all three models are identical. They consist of a larger main room and a smaller secondary room. Doors and Windows are at the same locations.
  • All models include an electrical system and three-season insulation.

The Weekender

This studio-like model features a fully-equipped kitchenette and a spacious bathroom. There is plenty of space for a full-size bed or a day bed like a twin pull-out.


The Guestroom includes a bedroom suitable for a queen size bed and a bathroom. It’s a great Auxiliary Dwelling Unit (ADU) next to a main house or as a second unit next to a Weekender.

Pop-Up Shop

If you need more than just an event tent as a temporary structure, this model offers two rooms for your convenience. It is also great as an office or an additional living room.


  • We offer two price categories: Turn-Key and Build-Assist

Connects to electricity, water and propane. Ready to go.
From $40,300 to $66,560

Similar to a DIY project. This price category offers significant cost savings if you are willing to do some, a lot, or all of the labor yourself and purchase the materials yourself. For example, you might want to build your own deck or paint the interior yourself.
From $17,550 to $66,560

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