Tiny House Container



We offer four models: Happy Weekender, Guestroom Suite, XL Bedroom and Container Cabin 

All models are turn-key and include an electrical system and insulation.

Happy Weekender

Kitchenette and over-sized bathroom.

This studio-like model features a fully equipped kitchenette and an over-sized bathroom. There is plenty of space for a queen-size bed or a day bed like an IKEA twin pull-out.
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Guestroom Suite

Queen-sized bedroom with over-sized bathroom.

The Guestroom Suite includes a bedroom suitable for a queen-size bed and an over-sized bathroom. It’s a great Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) next to a main house or next to a Happy Weekender.
Also makes a great home office with a bathroom!
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XL Bedroom / Home Office

Queen-size bedroom with walk-in closet.

The Bedroom model is great for a multi-unit setup in which you don’t need a second kitchenette or bathroom. The Great Room offers lots of space for a queen-size bed or a home office. The Utility Room makes a great walk-in cabinet or storage room.
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Container Cabin

Studio with kitchenette, storage room and wood stove

This rustic studio-like model features a Great Room with a fully equipped kitchenette and a premium EPA certified wood stove. There is plenty of space for a full-size bed or a day bed like an IKEA twin pull-out. The Utility Room serves as a mud room and contains a deep laundry sink. 
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The lay-out of all four models is identical:
A Tiny House Container consists of a Great Room and an Utility Room. Doors and Windows are at the same locations. Each room has its own outdoor access.

Great Room
The Great Room contains the French Door and Barn Door (the big double container doors). The Barn Door can be opened completely. The Great Room can be used as storage or as a toy hauler during transportation. A kitchenette is included in the Happy Weekender model.

Utility Room
The Utility Room contains a doorway with a folding door to the Great Room and an additional back door to the outside. The Utility Room is converted into a over-sized bathroom for a Happy Weekender and a Guestroom Suite model. In an  XL Bedroom model the secondary room can be used as storage or office space.

Tiny House Container Floor Plan